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What is al Bakiyye World?

Al Bakiyye World is a special and artificial sci-fantasy world. It language is al Bakiyye Conlang, the time and calendar is al Bakiyye Calendar System. The expressive language is English.

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What is al Bakiyye?

Al Bakiyye is a Conlang (Artificial-Construction Language). It has also special calendar, mythology, religion, a fantastic civilization and culture.

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About al Bakiyye Civilization

Everything are artificial in this civilization

First of all we have to say that the literary type is artificial, not right like Roman, Drama etc. The time, world, weather and calendar are artificial too. The mythology, people, creator, humans and everything are artificial.

We created a artificial civilization. We are writing some stories which have scientific - historical articles. The literary type is "Damlahatname". It is also artificial. We selected native - writing language as English. Because it is international and many people can read and understand this language. But also the main language is al Bakiyye Conlang.

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    First Episode:

    "Ayılgâh" means "Morning" in English. You don't learn al Bakiyye Civilization, you will be down on this world.

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    Second Episode:
    " ... "


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    Third Episode:
    " ... "


al Bakiyye World
Why should you read?

To discover the new scientific world

We have to say that everything is artificial. There are many metaphors, scientific and mythological story as artificial.

If you want to know more info and understand the stories very well, we prefer that you check some infos about the al Bakiyye.


The features of this story

This story is artificial. Everything is artificial.

Artificial Language (Construction)

The language in this civilization and world is artificial. The name is al Bakiyye Conlang.

Artificial Calendar

The time and calendar are also artificial. There are 4 days in a week. A year has 13 months and every months has 28 days.

Artificial Religions and Mythologies

al Bakiyye mythologies are also artificial.

There is no inanimate

Everything can speak and live. The sea, cloud, water and also animals, humans speak, live in this world.

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